Samsung  ︳Culcha Candela




For this project, I worked together with the camera team on a spatial concept in which four rooms are created by an „X“. The idea was to create a 360 degree tracking shot in a circle.
The music video was shot in the marketing context with the Berlin dancehall band Culcha Candela and with the support of Samsung for their new single „No Tengo Problema“ – for the first time in native 8K resolution. The video premiered on 7 March at the Samsung Roadshow in Cologne, including a live performance by the band. With the video, Samsung is providing its customers with native 8K content and can thus easily demonstrate the quality of the technology. In an additional behind-the-scenes video, the 8K technology is explained in more detail by experts and those involved in the production. Owners of a Samsung QLED 8K TV can already enjoy content in 8K resolution thanks to 8K AI upscaling.


Setdesign  ︳Art Direction